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  1. (I'm naked on the inside)

    about 11 hours ago from web
    • Just submitted my notice for the retail job I’ve had since 2016. My last day is August 1st

      about 21 hours ago from web
    • So it turns out hacking and slicing at DNA can, gee, damage it?! https://www.statnews.com/2018/07/16/crispr-potential-dna-damage-underestimated/

      about 14 hours ago from web
      • Like, "The deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball."

        about 15 hours ago from web
        • That was the first script I ever wrote (together with Sebastian, who would later go on to voice himself in MLB 1 and 2) and it was also the first time I was censored. The director of the variety show told me to change the word “dumb” to “brainless”, which I personally think is way harsher language, but whatever.

          about 16 hours ago from web
        • You know, in fifth grade I performed in a variety show and as part of my act I molested the American flag, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was doing my first Donald Trump impression ten years before he ran for office.

          about 16 hours ago from web
          • Sure are a lot of helicopter noises going around.

            about 18 hours ago from web
            • May or may not be on police lockdown to look for a couple armed suspects in the area. I got to leave, but people are reporting being told to go back inside. /le shrug

              about 19 hours ago from web
              • I guess that might be considered suspicious, submitting my resignation the day after I posted about how I'm a POI in the Russia investigation, but I assure you I, like the President, am above the law.

                about 20 hours ago from web
                • Almost bought a Genesis Flashback yesterday until reviews pointed out bloat games and poor cartridge support. !vgp

                  about a day ago from web
                • i like my new livestream thumbnail http://rainbowdash.net/url/872424

                  about 2 days ago from web
                  • I think i’m a person of interest in the special counsel investigation now

                    about 2 days ago from web
                    • Dense nerd apple, but... This guy spliced a Raspberry Pi into an NES cart to play Super Mario World on a NES. https://youtu.be/ar9WRwCiSr0 !vgp

                      about 2 days ago from web
                      • Unions fight for your paychecks, they don’t fight for you

                        about 2 days ago from web
                        • @mrmattimation Eh, not in my experience, or that of my family. But a friend at Rite Aid out here has the same complaints, I wonder if retail is just crappy unions? You know, revise that, I did not appreciate my time under the Teamsters. But my grandpa, his union fought to get equal pay and break time for women, and kept wages in the upper middle class for factory labor. I suppose everything's a mixed bag.

                          about 2 days ago in context
                      • Joined a Deadhead group on Facebook for a lark, I am such a goddamn casual.

                        about 2 days ago from web
                        • They say that states with right-to-work legislation often have lower wages, but Virginia DOESN’T have that and our minimum wage is still $7.25 (when I got hired my store’s minimum wage was $7.50, it has since gone up to match DC and Maryland branches, where the state minimum wage is higher) so, like, what the hell do we have to lose?

                          about 2 days ago from web
                          • They once tried to get me to sign a contract without telling me what it was, when I read it and refused the representative continued to bug me WHILE I WAS HELPING CUSTOMERS and trying to get me to sign my paycheck over to her

                            about 2 days ago from web
                            • some of my more disrespectful cashiers are like that because the union told them they’re untouchable (also not true), the whole thing is a mess

                              about 2 days ago from web
                              • Judas Priest, man...

                                about 2 days ago from web
                                • I wanna live in the universe where Trump mishears something the Queen says due to her extremely posh received pronunciation accent and thinks she's insulting him and instinctively punches her in the face and then has to deal with the diplomatic backlash, playing off it like, oh I didn't even hit her that hard, come on, trust me, if I was really trying to hit her, she wouldn't even know what hit her, believe me, but anyway, I love the great and tremendous queen and it was truly an honour to meet her and I hope her black eye gets better soon, in fact to tell ya the truth she ain't much to look at anyway but there we are, see ya at the press conference folks

                                  about 3 days ago from shitposter.club
                                • i’m sure other unions aren’t complete trash but the one that serves my store is actually run by the anti-christ. I am not a union member, have not ever been, me and my co-workers are repeatedly bullied by representatives of the union into joining, several of my cashiers are straight-up lied to by the union and some of them only joined because they were told they had to, one of them is trying to get OUT of the union and the union is making it very difficult (and has told the cashier that I will fire them if they quit the union—which is 100% false), this worker’s union is just actually the worst thing.

                                  about 2 days ago from web
                                  • working at a grocery store has made me completely anti-union

                                    about 2 days ago from web
                                    • Okay this is nuts https://youtu.be/jLvDnRU_ajk && https://youtu.be/Oj3-xeX0qeo "Smooth Criminal" split into beats 1/3 and beats 2/4.

                                      about 4 days ago from web
                                    • I accumulated so many comics this and last month that I have half a shortbox to read.

                                      about 3 days ago from web