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  1. If I am reading this right, then the average speed that my Nintendo Switch was updating with was with 200 KBPS average download speed.

    No wonder it took about 12 hours. Why Nintendo ? Why ?

    about 8 minutes ago from web
    • In the last few days I wished that C# had the "friend" keyword. It'd make things so much easier and less error-prone. It makes that a class can access the protected methods and fields of the friended class.

      about 2 days ago from web
    • https://wilwheaton.tumblr.com/post/187180759859/weavemama-im-screaming-at-his-reply

      about an hour ago from web
      • I’m so FrankerZing mad that “Trump Postpones Trip to Greenland After PM of Denmark Refuses to Sell Greenland” is a headline I have to read, REPORT ON THE ACTUAL Potato KnishesING NEWS, god I hate cable.

        about a day ago from web
      • hello

        about 10 hours ago from web
        • These people want to put six people into a Tiny House, with privacy. Maybe seven, even.

          about 15 hours ago from web
          • I really enjoy the new Mindhunter season on Netflix.

            about 5 days ago from web
          • TIL: Slack code formatting does not work on RDN

            about a day ago from web
            • I totally panicked when I entered my business smartphone's PIN wrongly. I put my apartment upside down to find the PUK number to create a new PIN. Luckily the support could tell me it. I swear the PIN and PUK numbers were on the card I got with my phone and I put everything in one box that belongs to that phone. But I could not find that in there or anywhere.

              about a day ago from web


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